Retaining Season Ticket Holders

Addressing The Elusive Ticket Holder

By using geo-framing technology, our system is able to identify Season Ticket Holders and determine whether they are attending events or if someone else is using their tickets. Leveraging our models, we can determine which accounts need immediate cultivation from Jurich and their client. We can also build your pipeline of fans by bringing in the “shadow fan” who are engaged with your brand.


Identifying High-Risk Season Ticket Holders

As stated, Geo-Framing technology gives us a clear picture of the high-risk STH. With this data, our partners can begin to put systems in place to influence these individuals. Jurich is more than happy to assist in the creation of these systems, whether it be:

  • Automated touch points via IP Targeting
  • Loyalty programs or ticket donation club
  • Creating an outbound sales or account management team if necessary
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Identify Fan Influencers Who Aren’t Season Ticket Holders

With the same Geo-Framing technology, our system will also be able to single out fans who are attending many of the games, but are not season ticket holders or donors to the university. Encouraging these fans with discounts, programs, or merchandise is a great way to not only keep them interested, but potentially add more fans to the mix through word of mouth and grassroots marketing.

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