Addressing Donor Fatigue

Nurture Current Donors & Unearth New Prospects

Utilizing our Geo-Framing technology, we can identify fans who show a strong possibility to be significant donors. By focusing on key wealth indicators such as luxury hotel visits, private airport usage and other consumer information in relation to game attendance, a scoring system of priority donation candidates can be built.


Identify Frequent Or Passionate Game Attendees

By looking at game attendance frequency, whether home or away, we can locate consistent fans. We use positive indicators of wealth to determine donation propensity such as:

  • Household Income
  • Household Value
  • Luxury Buying Habits

Layering In Existing Data

Through leveraging the existing donor base, Jurich will determine which donors have additional capacity to give. By segmenting our audience into different priority categories, we ensure you’re focusing on the top tier prospects.

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