Case Studies

Numbers Speak for Themselves

Our case studies are comprised of some of our past clients and their experience with us.

Let the success of some of our past clients do the talking.

Two Pro Football Franchises, One Venue

At the request of a globally recognized sales, hospitality and MMR client, the Jurich Group was asked to support the growth and sales goals for two professional football franchises simultaneously, housed in the same yet-to-open venue. Staffed with a robust selling team shortened sales cycle and increasing conversion rates. The client needed support identifying new premium buyers, new premium prospects and enriching the current prospect lists by raising “affluent and active buyers” to the top.

Power 5 College Athletics Program

Embedded in the athletics department, a globally known sales and hospitality company contracted with the Jurich Group to help their on-site sales team drive revenues with a focus on premium sales and donations. With a higher than expected ticket sales rate from 2017, the athletics department was in a weaker position than prior year. The premium sales team determined that  maximizing the university’s CRM and past buyer database with data science would provide lead scoring and a more effective pathway to closing sales.

NBA Franchise

With a flair for forward-thinking ideas to build game attendance, driving premium ticket sales and finding new premium buyers, this east coast NBA team was an ideal client for the Jurich Group to display the power of geo-framing and IP Targeting within the NBA. The Jurich group was selected to develop a strategy that would prove out this unique methodology for their longer term growth plan.

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