Geo-Framing Technology: What Is It?

Jurich Group is helping to revolutionize the university sports arena through the patented approach of matching physical addresses to IP addresses and Geo-Framing TM technologies. Our tech is 100% cookie-free and connects with real people at an unparalleled accuracy, eliminating ad fraud, and helping universities with one-to-one and Account Based Marketing. At Jurich, the first thing we do is start with where conversions matter: the household.


Leading With the Householdgeo-framing

By leading with the household in our strategies, we get a more empowered, validated and permanent approach to identifying and engaging target audiences.

Any gaps within this ecosystem can be filled using our technology, e.g. if we only have an IP, we can match the other two data points. This can all be done with Geo-Framing TM technologies.


Geo-Framing TM: What Is It?

While geo-fencing is well-known technology, Geo-Framing TM is a more advanced approach

With Geo-Framing TM technology from Jurich, we see devices in a geo-frame going back six months. For the example, a geo-frame was built around this single location, where over 600 unique devices were discovered. We then further modeled this out across more than 1,000 company locations, as well as competitive/complementary locations to get to a full audience.

The devices we find are then matched to IPs and physical addresses, where consumer data is appended to further segment an audience for targeted advertising.

From here, the Geo-Frame now populates the devices present at that specific location.

Using Geo-Framing TM technology, we are able to identify the digital footprint of specific high-risk accounts and season ticket holders. Our system is able to identify their Device ID’s home address and then use it as an entry point for advertising. This influence can be in the fashion of IP Targeting technology, mobile targeting, or even direct mail.

Our partners range from universities to the Fortune 500 across CPG, services, retailers, non-profits, B2B, D2C, brands, agencies and more. 
We want to drive growth for our partners by helping them connect better with their audiences.

If you’d like to learn more about geo-framing technologies from Jurich, contact us here. We hope to talk with you soon!