Database Marketing: Fan & Donor Targeting

Database Marketing Campaigns & Targeting by: Kramer Caswell Here at the Jurich Group, we know that franchises and universities are doing everything they can to help minimize and solve the issues surrounding sports in 2018. For the first time, marketing departments are noticing a downward trend in fan attendance. While there are different explanations for this trend, Jurich Group is […]

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Jurich Group Data Security

We take data security very seriously at the Jurich Group and we have been asked quite a bit about our data security.  Our clients share sensitive and private data with us daily, their security is our #1 priority.    Data Security Security starts with the process for data ingestion. We have developed a secure portal (https) for clients to upload

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Geo-Framing Technology: What Is It?

Jurich Group is helping to revolutionize the university sports arena through the patented approach of matching physical addresses to IP addresses and Geo-Framing TM technologies. Our tech is 100% cookie-free and connects with real people at an unparalleled accuracy, eliminating ad fraud, and helping universities with one-to-one and Account Based Marketing. At Jurich, the first thing we do is start

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