NACDA 2018: Digital Event Marketing

This past week, our team ventured to Washington D.C. for NACDA 2018, an annual event devoted to examining contemporary problems facing today’s athletics administrators. The event was a huge success, not only for us, but for all NACDA members!


However, one of the discussion points at the convention was Jurich Group’s Digital Event Marketing at the Gaylord Resort in D.C.

Digital Event Marketing: Our Approach

Utilizing El Toro’s patented IP Targeting technology, we were able to spread the word rapidly about our appearance, through the use of digital banner advertisements at the IP level of the convention center.

Advertising on convention center floors and trade shows has been a tactic of marketing firms for decades. However, with the price tag of an event sponsorship skyrocketing in recent years, advertisers have looked to find a niche that is inexpensive and effective. El Toro’s digital event marketing solution, Captive Audience, takes the idea of targeting people at conventions and venues but makes it digital, enabling far greater optimization.

digital event marketingFor Jurich Group, we started with the Gaylord Resort. With El Toro’s B2B polygon tool and IP capture, we were able to grab the IP addresses associated to the hotel itself and the convention building. From there, we were able to target devices attached to the network via the wifi. Once our creative message and landing page were designed, we began serving to the IPs two days before the event. Our goal was to create buzz, providing a unique opportunity for members to connect with us one on one.

I think it’s safe to say, our goal was reached! With digital event marketing at the IP level, we saw first hand the impact of the campaign. We enjoyed taking the time to meet with individuals at the conference and discuss the unique solutions Jurich Group is providing in the college athletic space. To learn more about Jurich Group solutions, contact us below! We are ready to hear the challenges facing your department and create one-to-one marketing solutions fit for your needs.

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