Database Marketing: Fan & Donor Targeting

Database Marketing Campaigns & Targeting
by: Kramer Caswell

Here at the Jurich Group, we know that franchises and universities are doing everything they can to help minimize and solve the issues surrounding sports in 2018. For the first time, marketing departments are noticing a downward trend in fan attendance. While there are different explanations for this trend, Jurich Group is looking for the solution.

Leveraging the data your franchise or school already has can sometimes be painful. First-party data would include systems like Ticketmaster, Fanatics, social media followers, and other accumulated data found in your CRM database. Capitalizing on these data streams is easy with database marketing.


Database Marketing: What Is It?database marketing

Database Marketing is the idea of directly advertising to your customers, fans, or consumers on a one-to-one level through the aggregated lists found in your CRM.

At Jurich Group, database marketing is made easy through our patented approach of IP Targeting. However, our consulting work isn’t complete by just running a digital marketing campaign. With access to your fan CRM database, our system will begin to identify patterns and behaviors in your audience and fans. Using this data set, we are able to conduct regression modeling and identify what variables are highly related. Based on those findings, we create predictive models to forecast attendance for future games. With the knowledge gained from the modeling, you will be able to anticipate attendance, as well as what seats will likely be open.


database marketingWhat Makes Database Marketing Unique?

Database marketing is special in that different datasets are layered against each other to create powerful segments. For example, if your program uses Ticketmaster and Fanatics, combining these data streams and segmenting them out can help identify elusive season ticket holders. Moreover, combining Geo-Framing technology to show a complete picture of your fanbase is why many sports marketing and university athletic departments are finding the Jurich Group interesting.

Geo-Framing populates the devices present within a specific location. Our system is looking at the latitude and longitude of a polygon drawn on a map, and grabbing the unique IDs of the devices. With this information, we are able to cross reference devices seen at multiple locations, leading to a statistical probability that these devices are highly valued season ticket holders.

After tracing these mobile phones back to a household, we can target all devices within that physical address at the IP level. That’s the power of leading with the home, and layering in Geo-Framing data for a complete and one-to-one database marketing approach.


Our style of database marketing is unique to the sports industry, but it doesn’t have to be. Actionizing on database marketing techniques is easy through DSPs that allow you to upload lists and target those consumers based on the IP address at a one-to-one level.

As expectations and challenges mount for today’s Athletic Directors, so does our determination to ensure the fiscal vibrancy of these programs and the student-athletes they serve.
We will help strengthen your current strategies and make you successful.