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Reshaping Sports Marketing

We see your fans and donors differently than other digital consulting firms. Jurich Group is revolutionizing the sports marketing industry with IP Targeting and Geo-FramingTM technology, reshaping what it means to be a tech consultancy solution.

Franchises, universities and their athletic departments have the power to shape the lives of the next generation of thinkers, innovators, researchers and leaders. The success of every athletics program is dependent on the support and development of its fans, donors and strategic partners. At Jurich Group, we know the hurdles, fears and critiques of the athletic director and their departments. We also understand the increasing expectations of every stakeholder that surrounds every program.

Jurich Group is determined in our quest to support the franchise, student-athlete and the department that supports him and her with our one-to-one sports marketing solutions. It is imperative that every AD and owner in the country be equipped with our tools, our highest level of support and the following solutions:

sports marketing
sports marketing
sports marketing

One-to-One Sports Marketing

Our sports marketing solutions are applied on a one to one level. We connect you directly with your fan, your donor and key members to solve the most common marketing and fundraising problems in the industry today. This patented approach of building one-to-one relationships covers areas such as:

Stem The Decline In Game Attendance

With many ways to enjoy game days, fans are spreading themselves across multiple mediums and locations–even when they already own the tickets!  We believe an informed department can execute more high-impact marketing and fan experience strategies at key moments based on statistical analysis of fan behavior.

Retain & Grow Season Ticket Holders

By using Geo-Framing TM technology, we are able to identify Season Ticket Holders (STH) and their guests. This arms departments with consumption knowledge of the people in their database and also those who never made it on a list at all.  Leveraging our models, we can determine which accounts need immediate cultivation and where the optimal growth opportunities are for your “shadow fan base”.

Nurture Current Donors & Unearth Prospects

It’s easier to keep a donor than to find a new one –that’s for sure. Data assessment and behavior insights can show us which donors you may not have an eye on and display little to no engagement with your program. Advising you as to who is “on the bubble” is a preventative measure to help you repair current relationships. We can also identify fans who show a strong possibility of donating.

Consultancy that Leverages Data Insights & Experience

The insights produced by the data are only one part of a focused and effective marketing strategy. Our intellectual capital is yours and provides a complete solution with true precision. We now have the opportunity to serve our colleagues in the industry with the knowledge AND the tools. Our areas of expertise span strategic planning, fundraising strategies, identification of new revenue growth opportunities and strategic partnerships.

Mark Jurich & The Team

Mark Jurich, and the Jurich team, have worked extensively in athletics for over two decades. With experience in dealing with donors, season ticket holders and the ins-and-outs of athletic programs, the Jurich team produces the best sports marketing results across the country.

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We want to drive growth for our partners by helping them connect better with their audiences. Jurich Group is here to solve the issues surrounding sports marketing with one to one marketing solutions.