Data Shows You the Direction, Acting On It Is the Challenge

mark jurich

by Julianne Waldron & Mark Jurich


I know that I’ve always felt that if I just had “the answers to the test” I could win and overcome the challenge. Of course, my teachers would say you have to know ‘why’ as well to truly become a critical thinker. Similarly, having the data just isn’t enough — as integrated marketers we need to know why, then have the aptitude and time to attack it. In the sports industry, we are faced with an unparalleled pace and revenue goals that keep escalating. In fact often we’ve set new goals so rapidly, we’ve hardly come up for air on solving the old ones. As a chief marketer, how can I possibly find the time to scroll through data, parse segments and mine insights when I’m pressed just to keep up with the day-to-day? It’s important to draw on resources both digitally and interpersonally through consulting.

We are cognizant of your daily mandates and even more aware of your year-end expectations — drive attendance, raise money, surprise and delight the fans, beat the secondary ticket market to the street and keep “filling the bucket”. Our experience and individualized support for your program is pure. Here’s the fact: having sat in your chair, we are an extension of you and purposeful with every minute we work on your brand, your strategies and most importantly implementation plans based on what the data shows us. We don’t believe in the business model of dropping a pretty dashboard on your computer and walking away –rather, we are a teammate and understand your time constraints. We are data-driven thinkers and will be your support. This balanced combination will make your program efficient, effective and laser-focused on achieving your ongoing and escalating goals.