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Being a company based out of Louisville, Kentucky, it’s hard not to get caught up in the hype of the Kentucky Derby. Our team had a great time celebrating the fastest two-minutes in sports and watching the 144th Run for the Roses!


However, being in Louisville also brings about another passion our city lives for: college sports!

There’s no doubt that Louisville is one of the biggest college sports towns in America, with Lexington possibly taking second place… right Wildcat fans? Regardless of your team affiliation, Jurich Group has moved into position to make a statement in college athletics marketing.

college athletics marketingCollege Athletics Marketing: Our Approach

We view your fanbase much differently than other sports marketing firms. Instead of addressing the issues your school is facing after the season, we believe in getting ahead of the issues as they are happening. College athletics marketing for the last five to ten years have relied on solutions that are executed on the backend of ticket sales; however, with geo-framing technology, we can reach your fans, even the ones not in your database, much faster than any other college athletics marketing firm in the industry.

As pressures mount for unique sponsored assets for universities, we can offer a one to one marketing tool that can be passed through and provide measurable results. Geo-framing will set your property apart from others in the market.

By layering in your existing season ticket holder database, we can determine which of our targets currently do not have tickets – yet are highly engaged. By segmenting our audience into different priority categories, we ensure efficient budget usage and allow our clients to identify who they want to target.


Geo-Framing For College Athletics Marketing

While geo-fencing is a well known technology, Geo-Framing is a more advanced approach.

With Geo-Framing technology, we see devices in a geo-frame going back six months. For the example, a geo-frame wasbuilt around this single location, where over 21,000 unique devices were discovered. We then further modeled this out across more locations as well as competitive/complementary locations to get to a full audience.

The devices we find are then matched to IPs and physical addresses, where consumer data such as household income is appended to further segment an audience for targeted advertising. The Geo-Frame now populates the devices present at that specific location. With this information, we are able to cross reference devices seen at multiple locations, leading to a statistical probability that these devices are highly valued season ticket holders.

After tracing these devices back to a household, we can target all devices within. That is the power of leading with the home and Jurich’s approach to college athletics marketing.


Jurich Group’s solutions help address the elusive season ticket holder, declining game attendance, and donor fatigue. However, our solutions don’t just stop at college athletics marketing. Jurich Group is working with pro-sports franchises and brands across the country.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jurich Group solutions, contact and schedule a demo with us below!

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