You’ve Gotta Friend

Finding More Prospects By Knowing Where To Look By Julianne Corbett Waldron  My dad used to say, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are.” It usually had something to do with identifying people with good character, finding trustworthy companions or seeking like-minded business partners. However, the phrase also works with data analysis –especially in sports.  With …

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NACDA 2018: Digital Event Marketing

This past week, our team ventured to Washington D.C. for NACDA 2018, an annual event devoted to examining contemporary problems facing today’s athletics administrators. The event was a huge success, not only for us, but for all NACDA members! The perfect exhibit hall doesn’t exi— #NACDA18 pic.twitter.com/dFlqUCNtJR — NACDA (@NACDA) June 28, 2018   However, one of the discussion points …

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Top 5 Ways the Best College Athletic Directors Excel

We all know that there are intense pressures that Athletic Directors (A.D.s) endure across the country. Sit with any passionate college Athletic Directors and you will find that their tenacity and pursuit to mold students into mature adults is what offsets the fears, stressors and what keeps them up at night. In this high-stakes industry, there must be ongoing successes …

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